LEANonHealth stands for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. These four key elements are the foundations, to succeeding in LIFE.



Each four elements are broken down into sections for you to better understand how each one helps you along your life changing journey.

Lifestyle – ask yourself what is your current lifestyle like? What are you happy with, what aren’t you happy with? What lifestyle choices do you make on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? This programme is designed to help you make better life choices, help you develop the skills and habits to achieve and maintain a happier healthier life for yourself.

Exercise – exercising daily isn’t just crucial for your physical health but also for your mental health. This is a programme that has all the exercises, training tips and workout plans that you’ll ever need right at your fingertips. All exercises, training and workouts assigned to you are all tailored specifically for you.

Attitude – what attitude do you have towards yourself and the current situation of your health and fitness? Having the right attitude towards yourself and your health and fitness goals is key if you are to achieve them. Here on this programme, you will develop the right attitude to achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals as well as any other goals you set yourself.

Nutrition – the saying is true “you can’t out work a bad diet” this “Nutrition” is by far the hardest for people to come to terms with. You should take your nutrition seriously, however never so much that it takes over your life and stops you from enjoying your food and social occasions. It’s all about balancing your nutrition and appropriately adapting it to your needs and goals.


This programme, keeping up to date with the latest research in nutritional sciences will help you better understand –

1. How to correctly balance your nutrition so that you can achieve your goals and still enjoy foods.

2. Sustain the right diet for you long term and adapt it accordingly i.e. whether to gain mass/muscle, lose body fat or just maintain the weight and shape you have achieved already with LEANonHealth.

3. Creating a lifelong happy healthy relationship with food.  

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